❝ hi there 👋🏽 i’m a design strategist from amsterdam, building brands and digital products worldwide. i help founders and teams to create best-in-class experiences that start, scale or transform a business.❞

ramon schreuder 

Design Strategist



connecting brands, products and services with their crowd

engaging users with immersive interactive experiences

provoking moments of surprise and delight: digital, physical, on- & offline

(are you more of a visual person…? see my work)


"Sunny Cities ☀️"

− living −

"Vinyasa Yoga"

− practicing −

"No Shared Dining"

− eating −

"Self-brewed Kombucha"

− drinking −

"Musique Electronique"

− sharing −

"Tropical Desert Islands"

− traveling −


Brand & UX Strategy
research, strategy & design for truly interactive brand experiences with seamless, delightful customer journeys
Experience Design
concept, design & direction for brand activation, content marketing, experience marketing, out-of-home and digital advertising
Creative Technology
R&D for concepts using computer vision, gestures, multi-touch, mobile, physical interfaces, RFID and other (emerging) technologies
Interactive Visuals
design of generative & real-time graphics, video-mapping and sound visualisation concepts